Drilling Waste Management System Features

In order to protect the environment in which we live, recycle drilling fluid and save more cost for customers, KOSUN sets up “Xi’an Oil & Gas Drilling Waste Management Engineering Center” and develops vertical cuttings dryer, Hi-G dryer, centrifuge, screw conveyor, screw pump and other first-class high-performance drilling waste management system, taking “zero discharge of drilling waste” as the drilling waste management standard.

drilling waste management system
drilling waste management system

Drilling Waste Management System Features:

  1. Good Result of Water-based Mud: 6%-10% Water Content.
  2. Overwhelmingly overcomes the difficulty in disposing the waste all or disposing them effectively, which combines the technology brought from Italy with advantages of the same products abroad.
  3. Stable Performance:KOSUN Drilling Waste Management is to control the volume of water containing in the drilling mud and stabilize the liquid performance, which achieves the purpose of managing the drilling waste and recycle the drilling mud without damaging the water performance.
  4. Environmental and Economical: This cutting dryer system realizes the social value of environmental protection, maximizing the usage of drilling fluid economically.

Drilling waste management has put forward higher requirements with the constant improvement of the environmental protection requirement. It can not only be very good to solve the environmental problems, but also can do recycling to the waste of the solids control system. While drilling cutting management system maximize retains the useful mud, and it concentrated solidify after processing of drilling cuttings. That helps to reduce the destruction of the environment in oil filed worker.

drilling waste management equipment
drilling waste management equipment

In the process of oil and gas drilling, general shallow wells would use water-based mud, and deep wells would use oil-based mud, that makes conventional solids control equipment work effectively on recovery of heavy metal and stone and useful drilling fluid. However, these cutting fluids containing heavy metals and solids (presumably oil content at 12%~18%) would caused great damage on nearby vegetation, soil, groundwater and other natural environment building and human living environment if they are not managed to emissions.

KOSUN is the professional Drilling Waste Management Manufacturer and exporter. KOSUN can design and produce the Drilling Waste Management system and Drilling Waste Management equipment as requirment of customers. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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River Dredging Technological Design

The following figure is the basic River Dredging Technological Design Layout plan:

river dredging technological design
river dredging technological design
river dredging technological design2
river dredging technological design2

The KD-425 Slurry Treatment System consists of scalping shaker module, desanding module and desilting module. Equipped with coarse-mesh screens, the scalping shaker module is used to remove big particles. The desanding module is equipped with two desanding cyclones, and the desilting module is equipped with six desilting cyclones, and a dual-deck shaker is used as the underflow shaker for desander and desilter respectively.

The mud falls into the collecting box via scalping shaker, and then is conveyed to the desanding module through a connecting trough. The desanding module is equipped with a desander having two 18” cyclones in diameter and is capable to remove sand from the mud. The desilter with six 6” cyclones in diameter can further separate the mud as required.

river dredging technological design
river dredging technological design

1) KD-450 de-sanding module consists of coarse vibrating sieve, fine vibrating sieve, desanding cyclone, main container, mud tank and gravel pump.

2) Vibrating screen sieve angle can be adjusted, the adjustment range of -1 ° ~ +5 ° (sieve surface inclination upward positive angle).

3) Screen material for the polyurethane, the type of embedded steel frame.

4) Screen locking system for non-metallic expansion fastener locking system.

5) Desander cyclone working pressure of 0.04 ~ 0.2MPa, equipped with a pressure gauge.

6) Desander cyclone for the polyurethane material.

7) Feed pressure can be adjusted by butterfly valve.

8) Desander with a pump for the gravel pump.

9) Rinse the screen with a jet nozzle with a small rotation angle. The pump is owned by the customer.

10) Due to the high liquid pressure, all critical wear areas that may be corroded are welded with additional protective plates or increase the thickness of the pipe wall.

Centrifugal separation system:

1) Centrifugal separation system consists of a basket filter, two centrifuge feed screw pump, two horizontal centrifuges and water treatment tank.

2) centrifugal separation system using modular design and equipped with a walkway, vertical ladder and guardrail,it is safe for Maintenance staff to maintenance operation.

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Tailings Management Process Design

In recent years,protecting the environment is becoming more and more important to the whole human beings.How to properly management the tailings(gold mine tailings,coal mine tailings,mine tailings, copper mine tailings,telluride mine tailings) has been a primary problem for the mining business with the government increased environmental protection efforts.(Tailings Management Process Design)

tailings management process design
tailings management process design

The following is the commonly tailings management process design and method:

After the tailings went into the tailings pool, using the pump made it into the mud cleaner, this divided into two parts:

1. The underflow from the desilter falls onto filter press or fine-screen shaker for dewatering, and dried solids are recycled.

2. The overflow from the desilter is separated by centrifuge into liquid and solids, and the liquid is recycled and the solids are dried for recycling.

tailings management process plan
tailings management process plan

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Solids Control Equipment and Services – KOSUN

Solids control, or solids control equipment by Kosun – top solids and liquid separation service provider and stage 3-5 precision solids control system manufacturer in China, serving clients around the world for 25 years.

solids control equipment
solids control equipment

Solids Control Equipment-KOSUN

-DC Series Decanter Centrifuge: is used to separate suspended solids ≥2μm in diameter and treat the drilling mud and fluids. It is especially effective when used in oilfield service industry, industrial service industry and especially in environmentally sensitive areas. This type of centrifuge is high in recovery rate, effective in solids control and remarkable in the reduction of cost spent on drilling mud resupplying and management. It is a very sophisticated dynamic balancing machine, able to operate stably with the whirling speed ranging from 0 to 3900 and generate centrifugal force of 3000G.

-D Series Decanter Centrifuge: is used in separating suspension of solids phase with particle ≥2μm in diameter, and can be used at Environmental Protection Industry, Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry,and many other related industries, and can the replacement of GEA westfalia centrifuges or Alfa Laval centrifuge.

Decanter centrifuge
Decanter centrifuge

-Desander: In the 2nd stage of solids control for drilling fluids, desander makes separations between 45 and 75 μm.

-Desilter: In the 3rd stage of solids control for drilling mud, the Desilter by Kosun makes separations between 15 and 45 μm.

-Diesel tank: is the specialized tank used to provide and store fuel for diesel engine and generator, which mainly consists of storage tank, self-priming centrifugal oil pump, filter, flowmeter, explosion-proof liquid-level switch, liquid level gauge, elevated oil tank & manifold and stainless steel valve.

-Shear Pump: For a quick concoction of high-performance mud, and shorten the time spent on it, so as the and wells’ economic benefits increased, the shear pump by Kosun is performing good.

-Screw Pump: is used to feed drilling fluids to decanter centrifuge since drilling fluids is pushed to proceed along axial direction evenly.

-Mud Agitator: is used to agitate and mix the drilling mud to prevent solids particles from depositing in the circulating tank and to stabilize the performance of drilling fluids.

-Mud Gun: is for jets drilling fluids with high pressure inside mud tanks.

-Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker: In drilling top-hole sections where heavy, high-volume solids, it canremove viscous solids and eliminate larger particles in drilling fluids.

-Centrifugal Pump: can be used as feeding pump for desander, desilter, or as mixing pump for jet mud mixer.

-Jet Mud Mixer: is mainly applicated in concoct the drilling fluids and to change its density and viscosity.

-Water tank: can be widely used in petrochemical industry, food industry and industrial water.

-Submersible Slurry Pump: is used to pumping of thick oil, oil residue, dirty oil, mud, mortar, running sand and other liquids from the municipal sewerage, so its application industry can be related with many, such as environmental protection, new type building materials, coal washing, municipal projects, thermal power generation, coal gas coking plant, refinery, steel mills, mining, paper making, cement plant or food producting factory.

-Linear Motion Shale Shaker: The shale shaker is the first stage of solids control equipment in drilling purification system. It can remove cuttings above 75 μm brought from the drilling well to leave the liquid with smaller particles into the tanks below, which will flow into next grade solids control equipment for further treatment.

-Drilling Fluid Tank: is often rectangle with its base constructed by H-shape steel as the main frame and other building materials, made to be skid mounted after satisfying the strength requirement.

-Hi G dryer: is used to recover cuttings from water-based or oil-based drilling fluids so as to lower the hydraulic proportion than 10% and significantly reduce the cost on waste discharge. It is proved to be particularly effective in recovering the oil-based mud cuttings.

-Drilling Mud Cleaner: Combing desander and desilter, the Drilling mud cleaner by Kosun can be the mud cleaner miswaco replacement now, and good quality mud cleaner is for sale now.In the second or third stage separation equipment for drilling fluids, Drilling fluids mud cleaner by Kosun deals with the mud being treated by the first grade separation equipment.

Solids Control Services – KOSUN

KOSUN products are typically applied to the following three fields:

(1) Petrochemical field: petroleum solids control equipment and system, zero discharge of drilling mud, and upstream & downstream products of petrochemical industry;

(2) Environmental protection field: centrifuge environmental industry, tailing treatment/ore classification, soil ecological restoration, chemical/parmaceutical/food processing, etc.;

(3)Infrastructure field: HDD, metro tunnel shield construction, pipe gallery laying, diaphragm wall, pile foundation slurry, riverway and lake dredging, etc.

Founded in 1992, Xi’an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise integrating environmental products R&D, production and sales, general project contracting and environmental management services. KOSUN is committed to the quality policy of “Good Faith, Quality Goods and Transcendence” and is based on the Chinese market to provide worldwide users with all kinds of professional solid-liquid separation products and comprehensive treatment services. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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