6 Tips of Decanter Centrifuge Safety Operation Regulation

Just as we all know that Decanter Centrifuge is one kind of machine revolving at high speed. During operation, revolving drum will generate strong centrifugal force (it is not like the solid control system, to some extent, decanter centrifuge is a core part for a whole solid control system and water based mud unit). To ensure the safety of operators and equipment, the following safety rules shall be strictly followed when using it.

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  1. Pay more attention for original Instruction Orders or Steps. Through dynamic balance of revolving drum parts of centrifuge, during assembly, original installation order shall not be changed and there shall be no parts omitted. Threaded connection part shall be installed in place; during assembly, if there is assembly mark, the mark shall be aligned. Before startup, operating pump system shall be inspected and there shall be no water leakage under close state of magnetic valve.
  2. Keep the decanter centrifuge off. Before clamping revolving drum clamp ring and fixing inlet/outlet device and other fastening screws, decanter centrifuge shall not be started.
  3. Before completely stopping revolving drum, any part of equipment shall not be loosened.
  4. During operation, if abnormal vibration of decanter centrifuge is found, power shall be cut off for emergency shutdown. After revolving drum is completely stopped, each part shall be disassembled cleaned and inspected and attention shall be paid to assembly order and position. After the causes of abnormal vibration are found out and removed, reassembly and startup can be carried out. Time interval between re-startup and shutdown shall be more than 4h (This item is also suitable for mud cleaner).
  5. Flame heating or repair welding of main revolving drum parts is not allowed, especially revolving drum body, revolving drum cover and clamp ring.
  6. Use of revolving drum parts and revolving drum parts of other equipment shall not be mixed, even the revolving drum parts with same model.
3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge
3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge

The above 6 tips or we can call it as steps should be kept in our mind, they can help us improve our working efficiency. Just as I mentioned in the post, you could find more information about solids control systemdrilling waste management unit, oil recovery unit, and some other solids control equipment, such as mud cleaner, sand pump, vacuum degasser, cutting dryer, etc. In another words, KOSUN could be your better cooperator.

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