River Dredging Technological Design

The following figure is the basic River Dredging Technological Design Layout plan:

river dredging technological design
river dredging technological design
river dredging technological design2
river dredging technological design2

The KD-425 Slurry Treatment System consists of scalping shaker module, desanding module and desilting module. Equipped with coarse-mesh screens, the scalping shaker module is used to remove big particles. The desanding module is equipped with two desanding cyclones, and the desilting module is equipped with six desilting cyclones, and a dual-deck shaker is used as the underflow shaker for desander and desilter respectively.

The mud falls into the collecting box via scalping shaker, and then is conveyed to the desanding module through a connecting trough. The desanding module is equipped with a desander having two 18” cyclones in diameter and is capable to remove sand from the mud. The desilter with six 6” cyclones in diameter can further separate the mud as required.

river dredging technological design
river dredging technological design

1) KD-450 de-sanding module consists of coarse vibrating sieve, fine vibrating sieve, desanding cyclone, main container, mud tank and gravel pump.

2) Vibrating screen sieve angle can be adjusted, the adjustment range of -1 ° ~ +5 ° (sieve surface inclination upward positive angle).

3) Screen material for the polyurethane, the type of embedded steel frame.

4) Screen locking system for non-metallic expansion fastener locking system.

5) Desander cyclone working pressure of 0.04 ~ 0.2MPa, equipped with a pressure gauge.

6) Desander cyclone for the polyurethane material.

7) Feed pressure can be adjusted by butterfly valve.

8) Desander with a pump for the gravel pump.

9) Rinse the screen with a jet nozzle with a small rotation angle. The pump is owned by the customer.

10) Due to the high liquid pressure, all critical wear areas that may be corroded are welded with additional protective plates or increase the thickness of the pipe wall.

Centrifugal separation system:

1) Centrifugal separation system consists of a basket filter, two centrifuge feed screw pump, two horizontal centrifuges and water treatment tank.

2) centrifugal separation system using modular design and equipped with a walkway, vertical ladder and guardrail,it is safe for Maintenance staff to maintenance operation.

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