India Invest 50 billion Rupees to Bangladesh River Dredging Management

According to foreign media reports, recently, India plan to Invest 50 billion rupees(about $ 610 million) to Bangladesh River Dredging Treatment Project. In most people’s understanding, river dredging slurry management is a simple environmental clean-up project, but why India invest so much on the Bengal River Dredging Management Project?

River Dredging Management
River Dredging Management

The necessity of India invest in Bangladesh river dredging slurry management projects :

Soupansi River is between India and Bangladesh border with a total length of 470 km. The invest ratio of India and Bangladesh is 4: 1. During  two-year period, from February 2018 to 2020, after the river dredging slurry management project completed, the pressure of  goods transport will be relieved. The river dredging mud treatment project can save a lot of costs. It can also drive the river cross-strait economic development, resulting in immeasurable economic value.

Method of India River Dredging Slurry Management

India River Dredging Slurry Management method is the cutter suction dredging, this method is slower. And the developed countries adopted a full set of River Dredging Slurry Management system. The system consists of a dryer, a centrifuge and a mud cleaner, which uses physical separation technology to quickly separate the sludge into a recyclable solid dry powder, and the treated water is available for industry.

slurry management system
slurry management system

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