What is the current river dredging technology?

At present, China’s  is becoming more and more serious, the original river water regulation and flood control disaster prevention function is reduced, the government have paid a sufficient attention to river dredging and has been made a target to development Ecological Water Conservancy.

River Dredging Process Design
River Dredging Process Design

What is the current river dredging technology?
1.Draining dredging:
For the less functional river, you can build temporary cofferdam in the river construction section, and after the river water drain,it can be divided into dry dredging and hydraulic dredging.
2.Underwater dredging:
Underwater dredging is to put the dredging equipment on the ship, taking the dredging ship as a construction platform, the surface of the operation of the dredging equipment will be sludge excavation, transported by the pipeline to the shore yard. Underwater dredging has the following methods.
-grapple dredging
-pumping dredging
-ordinary cutter suction dredging
– bucket wheel dredging
3.Environmental dredging:
a.Water quality improved environmental dredging
b. In the construction of the dredging river when the water as much as possible to avoid pollution.

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